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Wrapping - explanations


Starting from the gilded bars for picture frames, through all kinds of furniture, wood bundles as well as profiled rods, pipes, metal, plastics or wooden bars, to large steel packages it is possible to wrap nearly everything.

Among others, BÖHL machinery is characterized by the following advantages: high efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost of consumables, low noise level, short set-up times, interlinkage with other equipment, as well as a comprehensive choice of machinery.

Cutting-edge BÖHL technology combined with the highest possible quality contribute to your success. If you adopt the BÖHL SLOGAN “PACKAGING BY WRAPPING“, your product is packed safely and eco-friendly.

Stretching or banderoling with film strapping can be used for load securing as well for ptotective packaging. For wrapping of products different packaging materials can be used.


By wrapping technology in some cases it is possible to waive strapping tapes as a transport securing device.


Wrapping technology


Basically, packaging by wrapping can be done by three different processes, or two methods, respectively, depending on the geometry of the product:


- wrapping long products such as rods, pipes, sheets, or even entire furniture
- wrapping ring-shaped products such as tubes, cables, pipes, wires, or coils

- tray wrapping is a further application for packing in bundles with stretch film or adhesive tape